About Me

Hi, name's Jakob. I'm currently going to college at Bradley University and got a lot I like to do!


After finishing high school I thought hard about what I wanted to go to school for, and eventually settled on a hobby I took up recently that I found fun, online design. More specifically, User Experience design, with a game design minor. Design was always a fun thing for me to want to try to get more into so going that route was my final choice and I think I made the right one. I’m expected to graduate in 2025

This Site

This site is being made as apart of a class for my major in User Experience Design. This class helped me develop my skills in online design and got me more experience in programs such as Dreamweaver and WordPress. Hopefully as life goes on I can add to this and make it as good as I can.


Since I was a kid I always liked to draw on paper making whatever I wanted to. I used to pause a cartoon on the television and try to redraw it myself from scratch. Progressively this went to more creative paths and I ended up drawing on an iPad when I got a bit older. This went to animating on the iPad soon after and after that I was drawing all the time whenever I could.

Playing games online or outside with friends was also a big part of growing up for me, as it is for a lot of people now. The concept of games was always really cool to me so making and designing games was naturally another hobby I picked up recently, but there will be more about that in my portfolio. Game design is probably my newest hobby and that’s why I made it my minor.