Portfolio from Interactive Media Class


These were my first projects worked on in Adobe programs and was a great way to get back into using them for this fall semester! These were two compositions I whipped up and I tried to make them different form one another. One being about using your creative side to make anything and the other making more of a contrast and being about music.

Vector Graphics

This was easily my favorite project to do for Interactive Media, this was using an image from google and turning it into a different style made from vectors. I chose to do one of my favorite artists, A$AP Rocky. I found a black/white image and got to work. This was fun reimagining an image and making it into a cool version of itself.


On top of this project was to make a branding for myself using the programs we had too, so I made a business card and logo for this portion as it could be useful in the future if I do end up using these. These can be found below this section.



 My two video projects involved a music video and a comedy short, these two projects helped me understand more about video composition and using lighting more effectively. They were fun to make and I like how they came out.

Audio Assignment



Another interesting assignment was our audio assignment, I used Adobe Audition to create mine and center it around a combat action scene that had everything conveyed through audio to try to get the image of a battle as clear as possible. Overall this assignment was interesting to try to create and mix to get the volume levels correct.