Portfolio 2

This is my second piece I wanted to show off, this time relating to my major here at Bradley University. It is actually still being worked on but I have a few pictures to help explain.

Designing an App

This is the main panel of the application that I’ve come up with for a different class at Bradley. This is my first major-centric type of project that I’ve got to start since transferring here. These are all the separate screens that would be apart of the application if it ever came to be. Since this is mostly just about designing an app instead of actually programming it. I think this is a really important piece to show as it not only shows off the major I am studying, UX and UI design, but also shows something that I show a lot of interest in more recently, rather than in the past.

Diving Deeper

UX Design has definitely been my main focus and interest as of late. As I was shown what it was when getting my first online job at Martin Creative and instantly learned how to use Sketch, a designing program. This was the program to use before a newer, fleshed-out program take over, which is what I used for this piece: Figma. So these type of online, user design tools I have been familiar with for a while now and is just another reason why I chose this for my major.